Portfolio VaR by Var-covar i.e. Parametric method

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Katherine Gobin
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Portfolio VaR by Var-covar i.e. Parametric method

Postby Katherine Gobin » Wed May 15, 2013 12:03 pm

Dear Carol madam,

Last week only I had bought the Volume IV - Value at Risk models and then I had realized I need to buy the first 3 volumes also in order to have the structured and clear understanding of Market Risk. I am expecting to get the delivery of rest three volumes in couple of days.

Madam, I am new to market risk and currently in my office, I am a part of project team working on Market Risk. I understand I need to go through all the volumes soon and eagerly waiting for remaining volumes to arrive which undoubtedly will be treasured asset for me.

In the mean time, madam I shall be highly obliged if you can guide me to understand the methodology when it comes to a portfolio. I am bit confused about the Var covar methodology as I have encountered different formulas when it comes to Var covar method.

Suppose I have a portfolio with two equities, two forward Forex transactions and two bonds. For equities, I have some market index as risk factor, when it comes to Forex transactions, (assuming I am dealing with GBP, EURO and USD with transactions maturing in say 91 days), my risk factors are GBP 3 month LIBOR, EURO 3 month LIBOR, USD 3 month LIBOR and respective exchange rates.

Similarly, I have bonds cash flows and using the interpolated discount rates, I have mapped the cashflows into respective riskfactors.

My approach :

(1) I construct a single table where I have all the risk factor rates. Then, I calculate returns of all risk factor rates. Take mean and calculate the covar of returns.

(2) Calculate the portfolio value across all transactions using the current rates.

(3) VaR = (Z value) * portfolio value * stdev(portfolio returns)

Somehow, I think (and I am surely stupid to think this way) this is not the correct way to do it.

Or I calculate the individual VaRs for equity, forex and bond transactions and use the formula

portfolio VaR = (eq_weight * eq_VaR)^2 + (forex_weight * forex_VaR)^2 + (bond_weight* bond_VaR)^2 + 2 eq_weight*forex_weight * correlation(eq, forex) * eq_VaR * forex_VaR .... and so on.

Madam, I am sincerely apologize for raising such a stupid question and wasting your valuable time, but if can vaguely give some guidance as to when it comes to portfolio VaR, it will help immensely to novice like us. I do understand I need to read the literature and I am certainly taking the efforts, but owing to my non - Statistics background, I am finding it bit difficult to understand thing easily.

I also apologize to you for writing such a long mail.



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Re: Portfolio VaR by Var-covar i.e. Parametric method

Postby Toby_7 » Sat Feb 01, 2014 11:58 am

Thanks for the post!

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